Working @ ARVEST… The story of Arvest is one of commitment started by our founders, an intense dedication to focusing on the customer above all else. This philosophy has remained the same during our growth from a small bank to a network of community banks able to provide a complete range of financial services. Staying [...]

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Hi, my name is Shelby, I’m the intern.

“Hi, my name is Shelby, I’m the summer intern for Jason and Meghan at the chamber.” This has been my introduction for a month now. I started at the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of May and I knew close to nothing about Chambers of Commerce or what they do, but [...]

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Amazon Jobs

Working @ Amazon… Amazon's latest fulfillment center brings many new jobs to the Edgerton community, and boasts some of our latest technology and excited associates, in a constant dance of activity - all working to deliver on our customer promise. Bring Amazon orders to life As an Amazon associate in one of our fulfillment centers, [...]

ColdPoint Logistics Jobs

Working @ ColdPoint Logistics… ColdPoint was formed with a vision of storing and trans loading agricultural products closer to their production locations which allows greater flexibility in serving end users. NorthPoint, the parent company of ColdPoint, worked with BNSF and government agencies to establish a heavyweight corridor. ColdPoint’s business model allows cargo owners and shippers to reduce [...]

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KGP Logistics Jobs

Working @ KGP Logistics… KGP Logistics is an industry leading, woman-owned diversity company that offers a competitive salary and benefits package. As an equal opportunity employer with locations throughout the United States, KGP Logistics is committed to growth and leading the industry with unparalleled capabilities. As our primary objective, KGP Logistics is dedicated to delivering [...]

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Vestcom International Jobs

Working @ Vestcom International… Look no further than right here at Vestcom, the company that works hard for its clients, its community, and its associates. Among Vestcom’s many awards, the company has been honored with the Arkansas Governor’s Spotlight Award, recognizing Vestcom’s dedication to Work-Life Balance. “With increased economic strains on many families, companies that help employees [...]

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