Photo of burned apartment


Way to go Gardner! It’s Monday morning and I’m thrilled to share we have raised close to $10,000 to help the four families who lost everything in the fire at Pinewood Apartments less than two weeks ago. Donations have been small (a few dollars) and large (in the thousands) and have come from both individuals and companies. It’s exciting to see the community rally for these families.

We’re using the money right now to offset housing expenses first. This means the immediate hotel needs they had after the fire and now rent, as they get into permanent housing. Our next step is to hopefully leverage some of these funds to help them purchase things for their new apartments/rentals. But knowing there have been many efforts around town to donate and collect items for their homes, we want to make sure we’re not duplicating efforts or wasting money on things they already have.

Many have asked “How do we still help?”. As we’ve said before, financial donations or gift cards still work the best, because we can help them as they need it. You can do that online via PayPal, where the money is held in a separate account just for this purpose. As for item donations, think about all the things you have in your house. Kitchenware (pots, pans, dishes, silverware, small appliances), bedroom/bathroom items (sheets, blankets, towels, etc.), furniture (chairs, dining room table, bookcases, couches, etc.) and all the other items you might get to outfit a new home are all needed. If you have something to donate, please email us at [email protected] or call 856-6464. Be patient, we’re still trying to ascertain what they have already been given and what else is needed and we don’t want to duplicate efforts.

As for clothes, there will probably be some additional needs in the near future, but for the moment they are doing okay. We will share what we find out after they sort through what they’ve already been given.

And now a special request – several of the children lost technology items. The parents recognize these are not priority compared to everything else. That said, if you happen to have any of the following that still work and would be willing to donate, I know the kids would be ecstatic. Items lost were a Playstation, iPad, tablet and laptop computer. Let us know if you can help with any of these.

Thanks again for your support! Jason & Meghan